Chromatic Teachers

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Anthony Tomasi

Things that make me happy…

Handstands, Warm Sunshine, A cool breeze, Cold sheets, Felines, The smell of fresh cut grass, Nature, Being in the woods, A mountain view, Open country, Hiking, Exploring, Foraging, Hunting, Archery, Venison, Beets, Brussels sprouts, Lobsters, Steamers, American muscle cars, Shelbys, Bonfires, Vampires, Red wine, Country music, Cowboy boots, Napping, Hammocks, Deep Breaths, A passionate connection, Smit, Grace, Humility, A Mother’s love.

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” –Dalai Lama

Brienne Thibodeau

Brienne originally found yoga at the gym as a way to slow down and gain some strength. Before long, yoga shifted from a physical practice to an energetic catalyst and spiritual pathway for her. She loves the flow and rhythm of a vinyasa style as much as the compelling stillness of a restorative practice.  The patience and clarity she finds on her mat is essential to her work as a school teacher. Brienne strives for her classes to be logically sequenced, accessible, and full of positive energy.

Brienne completed her 200 hour training under Jen Ryan at The Yoga Loft in 2013 and continues to study with Matt Giordano. She is grateful for the Chromatic Yoga community and all the curiosity it inspires.

Claire Shaw

Claire considers movement, and specifically the practise of yoga to be one of the best medicines and tools for healing heart, mind, body and soul.

As a child and teenager Claire experienced a lot of sickness and ill health and so her experience of things body (and movement) related became coloured with associations of pain.

After experiencing, through an encounter with dance, the incredible and life affirming elixir of physical movement and expression, she fell head over heels in love with dancing and spent years honing her craft as a professional contemporary dancer. Unfortunately the aesthetic driven industry cut as well as healed and it was through a lucky brush with yoga that she found the missing piece to her movement puzzle.

In yoga she found the antithesis to the often body critical dance culture. Yoga offered non-judgement and joy in movement, pure and simple.

Yoga was not about ‘getting it right’ or training for a performance end goal but about the here and now; movement with the intention of finding connection and bringing embodied empowerment to body, heart and soul.

As a result of her journey to find strength and healing Claire teaches a holistic and very physical practise, offering challenge tempered with play, experiential anatomy partnered with an exploration of self. She brings together a spectrum of movement styles to help students find power, strength and joy so that they can be their happiest, brightest, most kick-ass selves.

Claire trained as a dancer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance.
Qualifications include a 200hr Vinyasa flow qualification from Yoga London, 50hrs SSYC post grad, 60hrs embodied yoga for dance teacher training, STOTT Advanced Mat work pilates and Level 1 & 2 Chromatic Yoga.

Corinne Farrell

Corinne Farrell is here to help you create a balanced body and mind.

To that aim, she studies extensively in the fields of Structural Integration, Yoga, Personal Training, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Slack-lining & Acrobatics. Her students & clients routinely credit her with helping them find freedom from pain, greater mobility & inspiration to live stronger, healthier lives.

Having worked with blind children, the families of fallen officers, competitive cyclists & expecting mothers, Corinne knows a thing or two about the human condition, and strives daily to be a beneficial presence to her global family. She’s known for her masterful approach to all things kinesthetic, and happily offers her extensive knowledge to help you live a richer, fuller, more active life.

To book Corinne for private lessons or your next event, class or workshop, please contact her via email at

Dee Holliday

Dee Holliday fell in love with yoga after her very first class and the love affair has only grown deeper and more important with time. Initially attracted to yoga for its physical benefits, she quickly realized that the practice has so much more to offer and Dee credits yoga with a spiritual, mental and emotional awakening. In her teaching she hopes to share the love she feels every time she steps on the mat. 

Dee infuses her classes with a light-hearted, playful energy, creating a mood where students can cultivate and strengthen the relationship they have with themselves in a compassionate and loving way. 

Dee completed her 200-hour teacher training certification at OM Factory School of Yoga in April 2012 under the guidance of Holly Coles and Amanda Wentworth, She gratefully acknowledges them for encouraging her to view yoga as a lifelong journey where the learning never ends. Dee completed a second 200-hour teacher training in April 2013 under Matt Giordano and Andrea Borrero at Earth Yoga and a Yoga Nidra teacher training in 2014 under Shakti Assouline. 

Dee completed Om Factory’s Apprenticeship Program for Continuing Yoga Studies, under the mentorship of Matt Giordano. She also recently completed the first ever Chromatic Yoga teacher training with Matt Giordano in August 2017 and is currently working towards her 300 hour certification under his guidance.

Genell Huston

Genell Huston is the studio owner of Lila East End Yoga in Portland, Maine, as well as a yoga teacher, mama, dedicated partner, and keen adventurer.  The practice of yoga has been inspiring her life since 1999 through movement, intention, reflection, deep study, practice, and bliss. She brings her bright personality, keen understanding of alignment, creative sequencing, and love for the practice of yoga, Ayurveda, and the miracle of life to each class. Expect to move with thoughtful engagement and to challenge yourself to be present with your breath and body throughout class.

Gisele Nelson

Gisele believes yoga found her on the Colorado mountain tops and Hawaiian reefs of her youth. The imprint of Earthiness and inner peace those landscapes offered rose up years later when she started taking yoga classes in college. Hint: she didn’t need a plane ticket to get there.

Yoga taught her to feel spacious, grounded, and at ease in life’s gnarliest of messes, and most importantly how to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. Anywhere. Anytime. Fueled by a love of nature, movement and breath, Gisele completed her RYT200hr in 2016 and followed it with her Chromatic Level 1 training in 2018. She also spends her free time exploring the heights and feats of aerial circus arts, and began coaching in 2015 after training at the New England Center for Circus Arts.

She currently teaches aerial fabric and yoga just outside of NYC in Southwest CT. You’re likely to spot her inner nature-nerd and circus-quirk in class, accompanied by inspired movement flow that will help you feel more liberated in your own skin. She offers creative flows with healthy alignment where students are free to listen to their body and embrace new challenges.

Heather Altenburg

In 2012, Heather took her first 200 hour teacher training.  Having struggled with depression for most of her life, Heather heard the yoga teachings and knew that these lessons could bring her back to her soul and help her to feel whole again.  Understanding in a new way that we are all connected and share so much, she felt uplifted, supported and the beginnings of her healing process.  
Heather’s personal practices and teaching have provided her with the tools to be more present and intentional in her life as a mother of three, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  Through making mindful and empowering choices over and over again, forgiving and learning to love herself, and rewriting the storyline in her head, Heather sees the practice of yoga as gateway into true freedom and contentment.
Heather teaches with an open heart, wisdom and a curiosity.  Each class with Heather is unique with creative sequencing and invites students into a deeper experience both physically and spiritually.  Her classes are strong and encouraging, yet supportive, nurturing and playful at the same time.  Her understanding of the biomechanics of the poses are conveyed through very clear alignment cues and she sprinkles inspirational ideas throughout the class to nourish the spirit.  Heather brings a sweet energy, connecting with her students in a way that has them feeling seen, cared for and reminded of their truth and their own light. 

Johanna Stueger

Johanna Stueger started the practice of yoga at the age of 12 at a difficult time in her life. Yoga helped her to gain more stability both emotionally and physical as well as boosted her self-confidence.

Practicing for over five years under the guidance of her beloved teacher Marianne Schoen, a student of B.K.S. Iyengar, Johanna started teaching some of her classes a few months after she passed away.

Johanna did her 200-hour teacher training in Munich with Patrick Broome (former Jivamukti) and Timo Wahl (Vinyasa-Yoga, influenced by Ashtanga), under the mentorship of Verena Simmann (Anusara-inspired).

She is a Chromatic Yoga Level 2 teacher and proud to be part of this amazing community, currently working towards her 300-hour certification with Matt Giordano, whose teachings are most influential to her in this period of her path.

Johanna´s classes are slower than most vinyasa classes, but physically demanding, with a strong focus on alignment, breath and sensation. She is known for her ability to guide students into deep relaxation and her loving quality of touch, inspired by Thai Yoga Massage. Johanna tries to apply the Bramaviharas (four qualities of love), as described in Patañjali´s Yoga Sutras (I,33), to teaching as well as daily life:
maitri karuna mudita upeksha

Kristen Carlson

Kristen is based in the seacoast of New Hampshire and teaches Yin & Vinyasa Yoga. As a yoga, dance, holistic health, and cooking enthusiast, Kristen provides support and encouragement towards personal growth and the tools to make a healthy lifestyle more assessable to the community.  Kristen is a caring and compassionate RYTT 200hr Yoga Teacher with a B.A. in Dance, she started teaching dance in her teens. Kristen’s yoga classes emphasize a connection with the mind & body, using the breath to lead the movement, while weaving a spiritual and emotional element into the asana. She is dedicated to supporting personal growth and healing through yoga and lifestyle support.

Lénok Popov

The Person:
– is half Russian half German and is based in Vienna, Austria.
– languages: German, Russian, English, Spanish, Japanese, (Latin)
– education: BA in Governmental Science & MA in East Asian Economy and Society (up for PhD)
– favorites: book —> Momo (Michael Ende), food —> watermelon, music —>Beethoven, Låpsley, Avishai Cohen
– hobbies: reading, education, paragliding
The Yoga:
– before: consulting business, sustainability driven entrepreneurship
– 500hr & Chromatic Teacher Training with Matt Giordano, Personal Yoga Teacher Training with Young Ho Kim, Prenatal Yoga (Wiener Yogaschule)
– style: very detailed and anatomical, dynamic, powerful
– specializes on private and corporate classes
– students say about her: she is something between a physiotherapist & a yoga teacher
The Motto: learn & evolve
The Contact:
– @lenokyoga

Logan Crusan

At age 15 Logan was introduced to yoga through Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga and began incorporating an asana practice into his daily life.

From his years of studying with different teachers and lineages, Logan has integrated his unique set of influences to create a powerful and dynamic experience for his students

Matt Giordano

Yoga instructor Matt Giordano gives credit to an influential figure from his teenage years–his high school art teacher– for sparking within him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: “You are not allowed to say ‘I can’t.’ You must rephrase to a question: ‘How?’”

That inquisitive and unrelenting spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devoted yoga practice. When coupled with his passion to understand the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano spent seven years developing his teaching style living in Manhattan, where he taught at local studios (Pure NYC, Equinox). Matt now travels internationally to teach his signature technique based style of yoga, educating yoga students on how to use their body in a profound and life changing way. Well-known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for all-levels students at festivals, workshops and in his weekly studio classes. His study of biomechanics and integrative mind-body techniques informs his teaching, as he draws upon wisdom from traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwan Do), acrobatics, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage. In the end, Matt inspires a humble confidence, allowing students to find ease while expanding the edge of their comfort zones.
As Giordano helps make AcroYoga a household name, the media has taken notice; featuring him in Martha Stewart’s Whole LivingAlignyoYoga Dork and on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael. Events the world over are allowing countless students the opportunity to practice with Matt. No one misses the action, as his growing digital content (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) has become another platform for Matt to share delight, technique and even the occasional appearance of his dog Tito, a Papillon and heart-melting super yogi.

“Matt leads his class with a sweet-tempered authority, encouraging students to seek within themselves – and smile while doing it.” –

Nothing fulfills me more than witnessing people courageously expand their body, mind, and soul. Whether a person walks in ready to celebrate life or is seeking such inspiration, I hope that they leave feeling peaceful in their heart and empowered in their spirit.” – Matt Giordano

Meghan Butler

Meghan not only loves Yoga, and Anatomy, but will also get in the ring and kick box with you. She travels the world studying yoga from her favorite teachers and brings her knowledge and wisdom back home for her students to experience. She is the 1st and Only Canadian Chromatic Yoga teacher so go study with her.

Meredith Sills

Transformation is a practice of repetition, just like all others. Learn to trust, push, surrender, and grow, all with what you already possess.

Meredith will meet you wherever you are, whether on your mat, or in your life, with equal parts empowerment and compassion. Her practice will bring both high octane energetic movement and quiet stillness, moving through dynamic opposition in the body to challenge the perspective of our own limitations one step at a time.

Highly intuitive and creative, Meredith’s specialty lies in growing teachers and their individual gifts.  She currently oversees the Yoga Program at LifeTime Athletic in Chestnut Hill, and leads LifePower Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training in Boston, as imagined by Jonny Kest and the Center for Yoga in Detroit. Additionally supporting the development of yoga teacher’s skills, Meredith is part of the LifePower Yoga Master Trainer traveling team.

Mia Lim

Mia’s journey for yoga started when she moved to the United States. She was never an athlete

before, but yoga became her daily routine. After thousands of hours of practice, while seeking for answers, she realized that yoga is about surrendering and accepting things that life brings into our lives.

Her practice turned the direction to therapeutic and enhancement of the body function after she joined her 500hr training. Her practice got deepened through the training with Naime Jezzeny’s Iyengar yoga and Sue Elkind’s Anusara yoga at dig yoga.

Mia’s style, as a teacher, has evolved as she continuously learns and practices with an open mind under great teachers including Matt Giordano. Her yoga was heavily influenced by Matt who is internationally known for precise and intelligent teaching.

Having a handicap with born, Mia believes that yoga especially asana practice is the tool for physical and emotional healing and the key for the self-awareness. Finding the balance between strength and flexibility in order to create space for the freedom is her goal as a yoga practitioner. Strengthening core and progressive approach are also what she focuses on to help the students find their own power which already exists in them.

Yoga style: Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Therapeutic yoga.

Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons reluctantly started yoga from a friend’s invitation but after the first class he was hooked. The challenge of breathing, moving, holding and strength brought him back to his mat every time. After being a student for a few years, he decided to take the next step of self-mastery by enrolling in a yoga teacher training. After completing his YTT 200hr with Matt he knew his next step was to become a Chromatic Yoga Teacher. He is now a level 1 certified Chromatic Yoga teacher offering personal and group classes in Bermuda.


Nancy Leonard-Fischer

Nancy is a warm and supportive teacher that leads from her heart and loves to laugh from deep down in her core. She teaches mixed level and advanced vinyasa, restorative yoga for athletes and therapeutic yoga. She is passionate about living every day to the fullest. Yoga has taught her the value in being fully present in the moment and appreciating the beauty in all that is around you. She has dedicated fifteen years to practicing yoga and the past three years to teaching yoga. Her practice includes a commitment to balancing regular yoga and meditation along with a passion for fitness that includes CrossFit, long distance running and racing. Through her teaching, she identified a need and began producing and marketing Yoga Comfort Knee Pads to provide greater cushioning and comfort during yoga for people with sensitive knees. 

Nancy received her initial 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate from Onyx Yoga Studio and has completed advanced teacher training in Chromatic Yoga and Applied Anatomy with Matt Giordano. She is grateful to the many teachers that have inspired her along this journey, as they will always be present in her teachings. Her teachers have taught her the value of alignment, spirituality, laughter and the pure joy that comes from paying it forward and watching your students grow and see the value that yoga can bring to their life. She is grateful to her husband and two boys for their support along this journey.

Nina Haudek

Nina Haudek is an Austrian born ‘outdoor and nature girl’. Whenever she feels out of touch with herself, a meditation practice on a mountain peak, in a forest or looking at a body of water, always brings her back to her center.  Out in nature is her favorite place to be, and she loves to share her adventures with her partner. Exploring the water on her Stand Up Paddle, is a new passion that has lead her to SUP Yoga.  

As far as Nina is concerned, there is nothing better than a quiet moment on the lake with a rising or setting sun. Nina works to be open to new experiences and truly believes that observing patterns of the mind and body, allows us to shift those patterns and create the life we want.  Her hope is to offer these ideas to her students to help them grow. 

Nina was in a major car accident when she was 19 and as a result experienced much pain in her early yoga practice. This inspired her to delve into the study of anatomy and biomechanics of the body. As a Shiatsu and CranioSacral Therapist, this area of study seemed like a natural fit. Although her early yoga practice was riddled with pain, once she learned that there was more to yoga than just the ‘sport’ of it, she slowly came to realize that yoga was a powerful tool that allowed her to feel good in her body again. 

Nina shares with her students the power of the breath, and it’s ability to support a clear mind, as well as the functional anatomy of the asana practice to aid in a healthy and strong body. 

She completed a 200 hr teacher training in Austria at Doktor Yoga and is now working towards her 300 hr certification under the guidance and teaching of Matt Giordano, founder of Chromatic Yoga. 

Connect with her in Austria and Germany

Pam Godbois

Pam Godbois is a full spectrum health and wellness expert, and self proclaimed anatomy nerd. Pam is a licensed Social Worker, a Mentor and a 500hr registered yoga teacher. Her passion for connection and guiding others to get in touch with their own experiences, both in the body and mind, has been the driving force behind her learning and teaching.

Her goal in teaching is to allow you to gain a better understanding of your body and mind through use of the elements, reflection and explortation. Transformation is the goal, but acceptance of where we are now and where we have been is the practice.  Pam’s classes are empowering and supportive.

Connect with Pam at or

Rebecca Doring

Rebecca was introduced to yoga at age sixteen, having gone into a class in the hopes of finding a new way to workout. What she found was more than she could have ever imagined and has kept her coming back to her mat ever since. She found the doors to discovering about herself; learning about her anatomy, mindset, well-being, and so much more.

Through the years she would drop in and out of her yoga practice until a good friend and teacher guided her to a deeper path of self-discovery in her early twenties. She was hooked, and made this healing lifestyle her career wanting to share and guide others in the same way.

She studied many fields in addition to her yoga teacher training (through Lara Ward of Lotus Gardens), becoming a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and meditation teacher (through Charlie Knoles of The Veda Center).

Rebecca integrates her knowledge of energy, meditation, and anatomy into her yoga classes, and strives to create a learning environment to give her students the same opportunities for self discovery and understanding that she has had.

Always curious and wanting to learn more, Rebecca continues to grow her business, her knowledge base, and her yoga practice through workshops, the help of Matt Giordano through mentoring and Chromatic Yoga trainings, and with his help will soon be a 500-hour RYT.

Sara Santora


After experiencing years of Anxiety and panic attacks in her late teens and early 20’s,  Sara turned to yoga for relief from the hamster wheel of worry. It turns out, the yoga studio, was the one place where everything fell into place.  

Through Yoga, Sara was taught how to connect to her breath, quiet her thoughts, and navigate the world with far less fear and whole lot more love.   

Sara understands that students come to their mat for different reasons.  Her classes offer a gentle guidance for each personal journey to unfold.

She completed her first 200 hour teaching training at Pure Yoga in NYC and her second 200 hour training under the guidance of Matt Giordano and Andrea Borrero at Earth Yoga.  She is grateful to be a part of the Chromatic Yoga community!

When not on the mat teaching, Sara is an integral part of the team at TheYogiMatt.

Sue Owrutsky

Sue first began practicing yoga to supplement her running and cycling workout program.  In 2015, after several years of taking classes at her local YMCA, Sue found her first “teacher”, in fellow Chromatic Yoga teacher Anthony Tomasi.  

After several years of daily practice, Sue realized a regular yoga practice had a transformative effect on her life. Previously struggling with anxiety and depression, Sue found that her mood and outlook had shifted to one of joy, compassion and gratitude. This transformation inspired Sue to become a yoga teacher, and in 2017 she completed her 200 hr YTT with Anthony at PLAY Yoga in Massachusetts.

Sue provides a safe and fun environment for students to find a deep sense of self-awareness in mind and body through breath and movement, anatomical alignment and muscular engagement.  She encourages her students to embrace their personal journey, both on and off their mat, with love, patience, acceptance and gratitude.

Most recently Sue has begun her 300 hr YTT under the guidance of Chromatic Yoga founder, Matt Giordano, she complete Chromatic Yoga Level 1 in August 2018.

In addition to her passion for teaching yoga, Sue is a photographer and radiology technologist. As a photographer, Sue has created visual artistry from the external world around her and endeavors to bring the same creative expression to her vinyasa flow yoga classes.


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