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What is Chromatic Yoga?

Chromatic Yoga is a systematic approach to teaching that provides a highly intentional and well structured experience for students to cultivate awareness of their body and mind. Authenticity is our highest core value for the sake of cultivating a supportive and empowered community. 

 Chromatic Yoga is a school that honors and welcomes the wide variety of yoga traditions and styles. Rather than defining ourselves by the postures or practices, we instead look at the higher purpose: recognizing that we are intimately and energetically intertwined with each other through the force of nature that exists within us. We are each unique expressions of a bigger power. This realization can be attained in any moment when we pause and become aware of the magnificence of our body, mind, and breath, but is easily forgotten in the busyness of our daily life. Chromatic Yoga seeks a remembrance of our true nature by providing a platform to explore self awareness through the structure of the elements of nature, known as the Maha Buthas: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The elements are a way of breaking down the larger force of life’s energy into smaller aspects—to understand the whole, we study its individual parts. Being that we are nature, we each have the qualities of each element within us which can be observed for the purpose of self-awareness. 

Chromatic teachers use this approach to support the growth of our students by breaking down bigger challenges (postures, practices, life goals) into smaller digestible parts, and encourage a step by step approach toward awareness, conscious action and transformation (A.C.T)

The Word Chromatic:

Derived from art and music, the word chromatic stems from the spectrum of color and sound. The masterful artists and musicians have the power to express themselves freely with all the colors and musical notes available to them. Chromatic Yogis seek the same level of mastery in self awareness and self expression through the way they move, think, feel, act, eat, and live life. Chromatic Yoga uses the spectrum of nature’s elements as a basis for self study. 


Founder, Matt Giordano built Chromatic Yoga with the vision of creating a a global community that valued self-awareness and authenticity over perfection. After traveling the world it became clear that yoga teachers everywhere were struggling emotionally from burn out, financially from a broken career model, and were losing their authentic voice and style in order to fit into studio ideals, or student expectations. Chromatic Yoga seeks to find a new way by changing the perspective. Instead of competing we support each other. Instead of pretending, we courageously seek to share ourselves authentically in order to create stronger connections. This is Matt’s vision, to build a community that values and supports each others unique qualities. 


The Elements

At the heart of it, Chromatic Yoga is the study of what we call the “full spectrum”, which stems from the meaning of the word Chromatic (spectrum of color or sound). To open our mind to the full spectrum means to embrace and look for the beauty in all that is. It is easier to look at life as black and white, right, and wrong, good and bad but eventually it limits our understanding of what it means to be a part of nature. Chromatic Yoga uses a system of looking at our selves the same way we look at nature: The elements.

By observing natures elements (earth, water, fire, air, space), and ourselves we can eventually see how we relate. There are parts of our selves that are steady like the earth, changing like water, transformative like fire, and free like air. Space holds all the elements within it so we can relate space as the part of ourselves that is self-reflective, or self-aware. 

Rather than seeing things from the right or wrong perspective as a community we try to see the advantages and disadvantages and then make intentional choices for ourselves and our students.


Chromatic Yoga teachers strive to be Humber, Empowered, Authentic, Resourceful and Tactical. These five qualities are set in place not as a basis for perfection, but rather a basis for self study. 

Humility and Empowerment on the left side of the acronym, make up the emotional side of how we want to be on and off the mat. We aim to show up with an open mind, while courageously sharing what we have to offer with our students. On the right side: resourceful and tactical,  we hone our skills as a community to study and build our own strengths, while looking to our fellow teachers for support. When delivering an experience we aim to do so in a highly intentional format. The A, Authenticity is at the center, and it is how we aim to be inside out outside of the classroom. Your unique qualities are not only welcomed, but celebrated here. 

Community Strength

The beauty and power of the Chromatic community manifests itself in many ways. There is a diversity of experience that exists within the group that allows community members to both seek and offer support on a vast range of subjects and situations, an exchange that allows people to empower themselves while empowering others. If someone needs support while sequencing and theming a Yoga for trauma or yoga for addiction class, there is a mental health professional in the community whose experience and wisdom is uniquely suited to help. And if that same mental health professional needs support in an exploration of musculature in preparation for an anatomy workshop, there are both massage therapists and Structural Integration Bodyworkers who can offer support with expansive knowledge of the muscular systems. As the community grows, these exchanges increase in number and variety, ever deepening the pool of collective wisdom and support from which we can all draw.

 Get Certified

Level 1: The Elements

  • Foundations of Chromatic Yoga 
  • Intelligent and Intentional Sequencing
  • Applied Anatomy
  • The Elements of Voice
  • The Philosophy of the Elements 
  • Physical Through-Line
  • Basics of Adjustments

Level 2: The H.E.A.R.T

  • Theming: Creating Thematic Through-line
  • Pairing the Physical with the Emotional
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Vision Coaching and Development
  • Intro To Coaching for Breakthroughs and transformation
  • Retreats and workshops: Marketing, Co-Teaching Dynamics, format for success.

Level 3: Integration

  • Pairing Physical and Thematic Through-lines
  • Masterful Verbal Cues
  • Structuring your business: Classes/workshops/retreats/intensives
  • Advanced Coaching and Mentoring
  • Elements of Voice Part 2: Delivering your Message  

Training Reviews

Chromatic 1 was an incredibly valuable, informative, life changing experience for me as a relatively new teacher.  I had the privilege of taking two classes a day from Matt, breaking them down after to better understand the anatomical alignment, the elements of voice and the options for incorporating these methods into my sequences The best feeling as a teacher is to guide students to a place they haven’t been before so THEY own the journey and the result.  This experience happens in almost every class I take with Matt and I know I am not alone.In addition, I met amazing teachers, with different styles,  from all over the world which are now a part of the same global community and I truly feel the love and support they bring. The warmth and generosity of Matt welcoming us into his home and farm made it extra special. The circle continues to grow and I am so grateful to be a part of it.. Can’t wait for Chromatic 2!!

Sue Owrutsky

Chromatic Yoga Insructor & Photographer

Chromatic Level 1 brought together the most incredible community of yoga teachers from all over the world. Learning from each other with this collective goal of deepening our yoga practice felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I began the training with a very basic understanding of anatomy and left it with a much deeper knowledge of muscle actions and joint relationships. The way I sequence my classes is now much more purposeful and my students immediately noticed a difference upon my return from training.  The training was very well-rounded to include time to practice, teach, learn, meditate, and connect with each other. Matt makes you feel part of the chromatic community right away and will make sure you feel supported throughout the training. Can’t wait for Level 2!

Brienne Thibodeau

Chromatic Yoga Instructor, & School Teacher

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