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What is Chromatic Yoga?

Created by Matt Giordano, Chromatic Yoga is a systematic approach to teaching that provides a highly intentional and well structured experience for students to cultivate awareness of their body and mind. Authenticity is our highest core value for the sake of cultivating a supportive and empowered community. 

The Experience

Chromatic Teachers provide you with a step by step path toward a peak postures and/or philisophical teaching. To set you up with success Chromatic class’s include either a physical or thematic “through-line” which provides you with the highest level of learning and integration. 

Where Can I practice?

Chromatic Teachers are located throughout the world. You can find one in The U.S, Europe, and Asia.


Chromatic Focus of the month

The Physical:

Each month Chromatic Teachers and students alike focus on one muscle group or action and get creative with our exploration of it. This serves to keep us all on track with embodying the chromatic pillar “Practice” This month our focus is the Abductors of the hip. See the video below to learn more about abduction, the muscles that create it and how to get it in your body! 

The Heart:

The heart is our mental, and emotional focus for the month. This month we are focusing on letting go of what no longer serves our well being. The question is how do we let go of what we don’t want. You must refocus your attention on what you do want so you have something to direct your mind toward. Your thoughts and emotions will be drawn toward your current pattern. First, practice yoga and meditation to shake up your patterns and strengthen your attention on your breath and the present moment. Next take time to contemplate, journal, and talk about what you want to create for yourself. When you strengthen your minds attention on the now, and on what you want, every cell of your being will start to be pulled toward it and letting go will be natural.  

Chromatic Blogs

Resillience: Living a Happier Life with Yoga

Resillience: Living a Happier Life with Yoga

Living a happier life through the practice of Yoga Element: Earth in Fire or Air in Fire Resilience is the ability to stay calm during crisis and to be capable of acting competently and well-considered instead of emotionally driven. In terms of the elements that means...

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Gratitude for Our Roots: Stronger Together by Genell Huston

Gratitude for Our Roots: Stronger Together by Genell Huston

Many traditions over time have spoken to the veils being thinner this time of year. The space between our dense tangible bodies to the formless self becomes less, and therefore, lies an offering to deepen connection. We can lean into this time and steep deeper into...

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Ball Rolling the Piriformis with Pam Godbois

Ball Rolling the Piriformis with Pam Godbois

What is the Piriformus? The Piriformis is one of the 'deep 6' hip muscles responsible for external rotation of the thigh bone. It is also a muscle that sits right in the middle of the gluteals and often responsible for that pain you get right in the middle of your...

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Changing the Patterns of the Mind with Pam Godbois

Changing the Patterns of the Mind with Pam Godbois

Thought Patterns Our thought patterns develop as a result of our life experiences. The interesting thing is, it doesn't take a large number of negative experiences to product negative thought patterns. We all have patterns that do not serve us, the sneaky truth about...

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The Chaturanga Breakdown with Matt Giordano

The Chaturanga Breakdown with Matt Giordano

Engagment Vs. Alignment There are so many opinions about how to do each posture in yoga, and they each of their benefits and their draw backs. The major confusion however comes from not understanding the difference between a muscle engagement and an alignment....

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Get Certified

Level 1: The Elements

  • Foundations of Chromatic Yoga
  • Intelligent and Intentional Sequencing
  • Applied Anatomy
  • The Elements of Voice
  • The Philosophy of the Elements
  • Physical Through-Line
  • Basics of Adjustments

Certificate Permission: “Chromatic Teacher”

Level 2: The H.E.A.R.T

  • Theming: Creating Thematic Through-line
  • Pairing the Physical with the Emotional
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Vision Coaching and Development
  • Intro To Coaching for Breakthroughs and transformation
  • Retreats and workshops: Marketing, Co-Teaching Dynamics, format for success.

Certificate Permission: “Chromatic Leader”

Level 3: Integration

  • Pairing Physical and Thematic Through-lines
  • Masterful Verbal Cues
  • Structuring your business: Classes/workshops/retreats/intensives
  • Advanced Coaching and Mentoring
  • Elements of Voice Part 2: Delivering your Message  

Certificate Permission: “Senior Teacher” 


Training Reviews

Chromatic 1 was an incredibly valuable, informative, life changing experience for me as a relatively new teacher.  I had the privilege of taking two classes a day from Matt, breaking them down after to better understand the anatomical alignment, the elements of voice and the options for incorporating these methods into my sequences The best feeling as a teacher is to guide students to a place they haven’t been before so THEY own the journey and the result.  This experience happens in almost every class I take with Matt and I know I am not alone.In addition, I met amazing teachers, with different styles,  from all over the world which are now a part of the same global community and I truly feel the love and support they bring. The warmth and generosity of Matt welcoming us into his home and farm made it extra special. The circle continues to grow and I am so grateful to be a part of it.. Can’t wait for Chromatic 2!!

Sue Owrutsky

Chromatic Yoga Insructor & Photographer

Chromatic Level 1 brought together the most incredible community of yoga teachers from all over the world. Learning from each other with this collective goal of deepening our yoga practice felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I began the training with a very basic understanding of anatomy and left it with a much deeper knowledge of muscle actions and joint relationships. The way I sequence my classes is now much more purposeful and my students immediately noticed a difference upon my return from training.  The training was very well-rounded to include time to practice, teach, learn, meditate, and connect with each other. Matt makes you feel part of the chromatic community right away and will make sure you feel supported throughout the training. Can’t wait for Level 2!

Brienne Thibodeau

Chromatic Yoga Instructor, & School Teacher

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