Many traditions over time have spoken to the veils being thinner this time of year. The space between our dense tangible bodies to the formless self becomes less, and therefore, lies an offering to deepen connection. We can lean into this time and steep deeper into our innate understanding, knowing, and wisdom, or we can pass this by as just another season with nothing more than less sunlight, pumpkin pie, and excess candy laying around the house.

I choose to live in the extra ordinary and continue to expand my own potential.  As Chromatic Yogis, if you are connecting as a part of this tribe of seekers, healers, life learners, the community manifesto states that you too choose to seek, learn, transform from a place of “Gratitude, Courage, and Curiosity.”  Therefore, I, or we, choose to wake up to this life and its multiple layers of being. The yogis have been teaching about subtleties and multi-layered beings for centuries. Our flesh and bone is just a small fraction of us. Our energies, our vibrations, our emotions, our minds, our intuition, our connection to source… this too is as much me as the sound of my voice, the size of my waist, or the color of my hair.  

Western Culture has no trouble understanding the inheritance of disease, skeletal structure, and form. Yet, we as beings are so much more than flesh and bones and blood. We have memories, patterns, beliefs, emotions that are ours, received from years of life and being before us.

“Every cell of our being is formed from the essential memories existing within all of creation… both cosmic and individual memories express themselves through our bodies.” Maya Tiwari, The Path of Practice.

During this auspicious time of year when the perceived veil is thinner between physical bodies, between worlds, there is an opportunity for us to pause, turn in, and remember all those who stood before us. The many generations before us who started the step by step process of transformation, change and who some made great leaps in evolution of all things, may we honor them with acknowledgement, admiration, and gratitude for the lives they paved.

Ancient Sages have been praising their roots and ties for centuries, seeing this as one of many practices to help the human being on their path to be free of suffering. The guiding texts from the era of the early Yogis and Sages, the Vedas, speak to consciously calling in Ancestral Healing as a practice to welcome more ease. One of the practices described in the texts is to call upon those who stood before us who have done the work to live in a clearer vibration, who have sat with their suffering and sought a brighter path. In these practices of Ancestral Healing we are able to seek support in our healing own efforts and ask for help from those who have already walked the path. We can realize we are never alone or separate from. If we go back far enough in our lineage, we land back to the Earth, at the start of all this existence. The Earth left on its own, does not need support healing. This wisdom, intuition, or code for wholesome healing is in us… it is us… we are made up of the same DNA. When we understand this connection in us all, we can really understand that we all have the capacity to be healed.

The offering is here if we are open enough to slow down, listen, and receive it… perhaps this can be a time of year for you to honor, remember, celebrate, and feel deeply supported. We are all sitting together on this earth. We are all supported in connection and cosmic memory. As we individually make clear and conscious steps to becoming more actualized in our own dreams, may we remember that we have so many that stood before us, that are still here helping us to stand even taller and stronger… we can stand on the shoulders of our loved ones. Our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, cousins, the animals, the wind, the earth, the stars. This is us. Let us not stay asleep and keep forgetting.  Cosmically remember we are stronger together.

Genell Huston
Seeker, Earth Lover, Mama of two boys, Yogi, Life Adventurer
Studio Studio Owner of Lila East End Yoga


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