Alginment Ideals

In Chromatic Yoga we look at alginment from the standpoint of bennefits and drawbacks wrather than right or wrong. There are thousands of alignments that are excellent and only a few that have the potential for harm that we would likely opt out of. In the case of down dog – because most students have been told to relax their shoulders whenever their arms are over head there are tons of shoulder impingement issues in the Yoga community around the world. This is why I created this video to help you avoid impingement so you can continue to practice comfortably in your body. There are many ways to avoid shoulder impingement but many of them are complex and challenging, this is perhaps the simplest and easiest to attain in your practice. 

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Resillience: Living a Happier Life with Yoga

Living a happier life through the practice of Yoga Element: Earth in Fire or Air in Fire Resilience is the ability to stay calm during crisis and to be capable of acting competently and well-considered instead of emotionally driven. In terms of the elements that means...

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Ball Rolling the Piriformis with Pam Godbois

What is the Piriformus? The Piriformis is one of the 'deep 6' hip muscles responsible for external rotation of the thigh bone. It is also a muscle that sits right in the middle of the gluteals and often responsible for that pain you get right in the middle of your...

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Changing the Patterns of the Mind with Pam Godbois

Thought Patterns Our thought patterns develop as a result of our life experiences. The interesting thing is, it doesn't take a large number of negative experiences to product negative thought patterns. We all have patterns that do not serve us, the sneaky truth about...

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The Chaturanga Breakdown with Matt Giordano

Engagment Vs. Alignment There are so many opinions about how to do each posture in yoga, and they each of their benefits and their draw backs. The major confusion however comes from not understanding the difference between a muscle engagement and an alignment....

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